By: Marian Cozma
2020, March 14

Brand Your Way to Profitability

There is no business without a brand. Your business needs a unique identity, a name, and a voice to stand out from all others in the niche and the industry. The process of branding requires a keen eye for details, studying the market to come up with an identity that is relevant and appealing to attract and retain customers.

To a consumer, your brand is the promise of what they can get with you. It is your pledge of better quality products or services. It is the future path you plan to tread upon, and the solution you want to provide. It is who you are, and who customers perceive you to be.

According to Dieter Rams (is a German industrial designer, his unobtrusive approach and belief in “less but better” design generated a timeless quality in his products), good design:

Dieter Rams German industrial designer

1. Is innovative

2. Makes a product useful

3. Is aesthetic

4. Makes a product understandable

5. Is unobtrusive

6. Is honest

7. Is long-lasting

8. Is thorough down to the last detail

9. Is environmentally friendly

10. Involves as little design as possible

Logos form the backbone of business branding. Think of it as a graphic seal of ownership- an incorruptible identity. When you get the best designer’s however, your business logo will do you one better –it will summarize your business in one symbol or typographic. With a single glance at your logo, people will get a sweeping bird’s eye view of your business entails.

A brand identity is the larger picture that customers see when they look at your business. It goes beyond logos and symbols. It is a collection of all the visible elements that are unique to your business. It could be a mixture of logos, colors, symbols, voice, and business name.

Creating a brand is however not a walk in the park. Many times businesses suffer misrepresentation, misunderstanding or misconception in the market due to inconsistent messaging or packaging. For an edge in the market, it is essential to keep the brand messages as consistent as possible. You can quickly do that by seeking the services of professional branding.

It is easy for your business to achieve awareness with a consistent brand. Once customers see your brand elements, they will have immediately recognize the unique products and services you have on offer. Consistent branding done by a professional can also help to build trust and loyalty in your business. The message of either quality, affordability or dedication will get to the consumers without loss or confusion.

Branding serves to smoothly introduce your new products and services into the market, sliding past colliding messages from competitors.

To attract the best customers and kill competition, you have no option but to invest in branding.

Without branding, there is no business.

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